The webinars will be delivered on Zoom and YouTube from June to November 2021, and will be hosted by  ATICANA, IICANA and ISICANA.

The US Embassy and Argentine Binational Centers are launching the 2021 Teaching Capacity Building Program by tapping into the expertise of Argentine ELT specialists who have participated in US Embassy sponsored professional development programs. These Teacher Alumni have generously put together a series of FREE webinars to share their best practices and the experience gained in addressing the challenges of remote, in-person and hybrid teaching and learning scenarios.

Bringing together Alumni expertise to support teaching and learning in challenging times.

Webinars October

Webinar: October 29

“SDGs and ELT, how to make them converge in our school year!”

There is an urgency that needs to be addressed in the classroom if we want to achieve the UN 2030 agenda. SDGs might be present in our curricula if we decide to take them up into our plans. Do we know them? Are there ways to include them in the ELT classroom? Some of these enquiries will be answered during this short tour that this webinar will offer.


Gonzalo Díaz graduated as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language from Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. Since 2018, the US Embassy in Argentina has granted him two scholarships that boosted his reflection, on what the 21st Century demands from educators. With his motto, “Teachers never stop learning”, he has been involved in different global projects and he has taken steps towards keeping himself proactive and open to share what has been learned with colleagues worldwide.