Welcome back from your winter break! The biggest news to share is that the Office of American Spaces now belongs in the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Bureau of International Information Programs has merged with Public Affairs to make the Bureau of Global Public Affairs. What does this mean for you? You can expect an even closer relationship with the English Language Programs and EducationUSA offices and other sister offices of ECA like exchange programs. At the REPS conference I attended in June in Washington, the Office of American Spaces continues to highlight the strengthening of networked American Spaces over individual Spaces. As such, we will increase our efforts to conduct strategic programs at BNCs through a workshop in September to focus on implementing programs on a national scale.
Thank you for sharing many good examples of programs along the 5 Core Programs. We in the American Spaces Program team congratulate you on your efforts. We’ve cited a few social media postings in this newsletter to underscore the importance you place on building virtual networks. Keep up the good work!


English Language Fellow Participates at the SHARE Education Annual Convention for English Teachers
On Thursday, August 1, 2019 in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, ELF David Williams had the honor to be the Keynote speaker at the SHARE Education conference, which was attended by over 600 participants.  Since the theme of the conference was «The Practical Side of ELT», the organization selected a workshop from David’s repertoire about interactive activities, which teachers can use at the beginning of their classes to focus the students’ attention, assist in the transition from the L1 to the target language, relax students and introduce language/class objectives.  The audience made excellent use of the time and material by actively participating with the strategies and sharing similar ideas that they have successfully used in their own courses.  Feedback was very positive with many teachers remarking that they would adopt the tasks and apply them consistently in their classrooms.
Topic: Twitter for Educators
Description: Twitter is an incredible resource for English language educators. This month in Teacher’s Corner, we look at how to use Twitter to share ideas, find resources, and connect with other educators and language learners around the world. For those who are new to Twitter, we share how you can get started.  The hashtag on Twitter is #GlobalAE.  Announcements for the live Twitter chat will be forthcoming.Full Link:

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Note: Those interested in joining this group will need to first read the article and then answer three questions to join the Facebook group.  Those that do not answer the questions will not be admitted into the group.

TAmerican English Live Series 6
The American English team is pleased to offer American English Live: Teacher Development Series 6. The six online seminars of the series cover a variety of topics intended for teachers of English or future teachers of English around the world.  At the end of each event, participants will have the opportunity to earn a digital badge that verifies their participation.Participants are also encouraged to register to join the associated Ning,,  to participate in discussions, view related materials, and find recordings.

The series will take place from September 04 – November 13, 2019.  These 60-minute sessions will be held every other Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. ET from Washington, D.C. (check for the local time in your region). Participants can join the sessions by viewing the live posts at the above times here: 

Though not mandatory, registration is encouraged.  Registered participants will receive email reminders with links to pre-session readings and online discussions. Prior to each session, registered participants will receive a reminder email with a Zoom link from

Here is the link for registration: 

E-Teacher Program nominations – Argentina Fall 2019 (Sept.24 – Nov.19, 2019)

The American English E-Teacher Program offers foreign English teaching professionals the opportunity to take innovative, online university-level classes and online professional development programming for teachers through FHI360. MoreAndrea Natalia MINGOLLA PATTON (Tucuman) Using Educational Technology

Griselda Elizabet SEEWALD (Posadas, Misiones) Teaching Grammar Communicatively

Ivanna Yanina DAVILA (San Francisco, Cordoba (ISFICANA)) TESOL Methodology

Maria Julieta CHICCO Santiago del Estero (ASICANA) The Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment of English Language Learners (AELL)

Paula Agostina PATANCHON (Santiago del Estero (ASICANA)) Teaching English to Young Learners

Maria Agustina TURRI Santa Fe (ALICANA) The Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment of English Language Learners (AELL)

Pablo Florentin CARDENAS Buenos Aires (ICANA) The Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment of English Language Learners (AELL)

Mercedes VARAS Salta (ISICANA) The Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment of English Language Learners (AELL)

ARGENTINA’S BNCs: What are they up to? 

This July, ALICANA dressed up to celebrate the American and Argentinean independence Days. Here we share some details of the events that took place before the holidays.
Cohort 9 ACCESS’s students celebrated United States independence on a very special morning which included a typical American breakfast. After the development of different activities and games about “4th of July”, our young leaders enjoyed a feast of waffles, pancakes, doughnuts, coffee, smoothies, fireworks and tons of fun.
ACCESS cohort 10 also had its opportunity to celebrate these exciting dates but chose to do it through a picnic in which students enjoyed typical foods. The star of the afternoon was a «big sandwich» (Homer Simpson’s style) that the students prepared, and that was the sensation of the afternoon. To end the day our boys and girls lit their fireworks and made wishes for the future.
With the collaboration of all the teachers, students were invited to an afternoon / night of celebrations in «United American Bar» a thematic bar that is located in the city of Santa Fe and serves typical American food and is decorated with the atmosphere of the famous «sports bars» that we can find in the US. Students and teachers, enjoyed of a pleasant intercultural evening, full of food, music and history.
Cultural exchange program with students from the University of Northern Florida
From June 24th up until July 5th, Rosario’s Austral University (one of ARICANA’s strategic partners), received exchange students from the University of Northern Florida, in Jacksonville (FL), who participated in various intercultural classes organized by ARICANA’s Academic Staff.
Networking event with the US Alumni Group in Rosario
On July 1st, the US Alumni Group in Rosario invited other Alumni members from Rosario to a Networking event. Carolina Rocha (Ph.D., Professor at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, former ARICANA student and Fulbright scholar) also took part in the event. Carolina visits her family in Rosario once every two years and, every time she does, she makes sure to make a stop in ARICANA.
Commemoration of the American and the Argentine Independences
Every year, ARICANA celebrates the American and the Argentine Independences in a joint commemoration. Held in a packed auditorium on July 3rd, students and families were gathered in ARICANA’s celebration.
Second Cohort of SOL, Stand Out as a Leader program
On July 5th, SOL program Cohort 2 began. Touching on many skill building topics that included: Introspection and Personal Talents, DISC Test, English and Its Value, CV and LinkedIn, Effective Communication and Pitch, and One-On-One Coaching with Mentors. Mentors for this cohort included: Luz Amuchastegui (from NGO “El Desafio”), María Cecilia Ribecco (WED Ambassador to Argentina), Marcela Martire (from Coaching Agency “Grupo Action”), Marina Castellino (from NGO “Futuras Líderes de Ansenuza”), Gabriela Venesia (from ARICANA), Carla Galli (from ARICANA) and Yanina Zagarrio (from ARICANA).
SOL program’s cohorts 1 and 2 met up to talk about the US Alumni Group in Rosario
Participants from Cohorts 1 and 2 of the SOL program met for the first time at ARICANA’s M.A.C. Cohort 2 members were introduced to the US Alumni Group in Rosario’s Committees and were invited to participate in whichever they found fitting. ARICANA’s Alumni Group officially has 30 active members.
Cohorts 9 and 10 of the ACCESS program visit Rosario’s planetarium
Students from the Access Program visited the Planetarium and enjoyed the 50 year anniversary moon landing exhibition. Students also watched a documentary reenacting the story of such an important event, including anecdotes and facts of the mission and the local coverage that it received 50 years ago. The activity intended to inspire younger generations to continue discovering the mysteries of the universe.
ARICANA’s main building 50th Anniversary
On July 20th, 1969, ARICANA officially inaugurated their current main building on 934 Buenos Aires St. through the launch of the first ever language laboratory in Rosario. ARICANA also handed out  a badge to participants, which commemorates the inauguration of their main building and the Moon Landing.
“Tu Cuadradito Abriga” campaign donation to Capilla Santa Rita
Every year, ARICANA takes part in Rosario Solidaria’s “Tu Cuadradito Abriga” which is a campaign that aims to help those in need during the winter season by knitting patchwork blankets. ARICANA’s ACCESS program, students, families, and volunteers helped in the campaign donating over 10 blankets to Capilla Santa Rita, which is located in a vulnerable neighborhood of Rosario.


As part of Independence Week celebrations, ICANA Centro invited young students and their families to paint a mural and have a fun family gathering. The painting was coordinated by muralist Gustavo Reinoso, and the audience was happy to be part of the artistic celebration where they all contributed. The mural reflects the values of freedom and liberty.


#FriendsOfFulbright at ISICANA

Friends of Fulbright scholars gave an Informative Talk of the #FriendsOfFulbright grant, managed in partnership with the United States Embassy in Argentina, Fulbright Commission and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science & Technology of Argentina. They talked about their experiences in the United States and answered questions about how to apply for the scholarship.

USHICANA’s Ushi Adds Up provides the framework for projects that brings us closer to our community, by carrying out different activities. Students visited kindergarten «Pastorcitos de Don Bosco», who put on a puppet show and then did activities related to the puppet show resulting in a very rewarding experience for everybody: the kindergarten, the kids, and, especially, Ushicana students.

In order to celebrate the Independence Day in Argentina and the United States, Access students recreate a museum in which they acted as the heroes that helped and led the process of Independence in both countries. Some performed as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and some others as Manuel Belgrano, José de San Martin, Juana Azurduy and Martin Güemes.  Students recorded a video and shared it on social networks. Students did their on research and preparation to play their characters, including developing a stage, and recording and editing the video. Teachers guided them to write a speech that would show up in the video.
US Alumni Group in Rosario
Since US Week in Rosario program, ARICANA is officially home to the US Alumni Group. After its announcement, ARICANA worked alongside the group (Alumni from SOL program) to establish their Strategic Planning, social media plan, and to develop upcoming events in hopes of reaching more and new audiences.
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