Interview with David Williams

1.    What are your plans after leaving Argentina?
My most immediate plan is to get some rest and eat some New Mexican food covered in green chile.  After that, I’ll continue my job as a Full-time faculty member at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) where I’ll be part of the team that’s restructuring the ESL/ESOL program.  I’ve also applied for a second master’s degree in Higher Education Administration, so hopefully, I’ll be starting that as well.  Fingers crossed

2.    What was a personal highlight of your stay in Argentina?
This has all been such an amazing experience and a lot of rewarding work.  Since August, I’ve been an “ELF on the Road” and have taken 8 trips to different conferences and training events in Argentina.  It’s been spectacular getting to know more of the country and the dedicated English Language professionals who work hard to make a difference in their students’ lives.  On the personal side, I was in Bariloche for the APIZALS conference in October and had the opportunity to hike the Cerro Llao Llao to see los 7 Lagos.  I walked for about 8 hours and destroyed my feet, but saw some of the most beautiful vistas of my life.  100% worth it!

3.    What is the funniest thing that happened to you here?    When I arrived to Aeroparque to fly to Tucuman in February (after the Post-arrival Orientation), I had a luggage problem…too much and too heavy, so they weren’t going to let me check it.  Thankfully, the Great Problem Solver Noris Zerda was with me.  She went into action, founds some boxes, and we were literally throwing clothes, books, etc. etc. into them like crazy people in an effort to lighten my load.  I guess it worked because they finally let me check my bags and get on the plane.  A couple of weeks later, the boxes arrived to ATICANA, and it was just like Christmas.

4.   What message would you give to the BNCs?
I’ve seen such hard work, flexibility and perseverance at all of the BNCs that I’ve visited.  I’d have to say that my message is “Keep it up.  You’re all amazing!”